In order to preserve some consistency and “practice what I preach,” I’m moving this resource blog to a new format.

The New Blog – Tech205 – will still provide the same helpful tips and resources, gleaned from my Internet wanderings and “stolen” so-to-speak from those more knowledgeable than I (see my blogroll).  It doesn’t have the slick look and feel like this EduBlogs blog, but Blogger has finally come around to allow static pages and delayed publishing of posts.  It also allows embedded videos for free, and works with Microsoft’s Live Writer tool, which I like very much. 

Those items themselves were not enough to make me want to leave EduBlogs.  The tipping point actually came due to feedback I’ve received from teachers in my District.  They seem to prefer Blogger’s administrative interface over EduBlogs’ WordPress back-end interface.  Few were willing to accept the Easy Admin screen, unfortunately.  And, since I’m teaching classes to teachers on blogging here in District #205, I want to teach them tools they’ll feel comfortable using, no matter how reluctant the user may be, so they’ll use them more frequently.  That, coupled with local policies about ads on school-related web sites, spurs the change.

Thus, I leave EduBlogs reluctantly, sadly, and with great regret.  I have had nothing but positive interactions with Sue Waters and the EduBlogs crew.  I shudder to think what will happen when I need suport from Blogger.  At EduBlogs, Sue is always quick to to respond to emails personally – she makes the EduBlogger feel as though she knows them personally and might be just down the hall in the IT office, ready to help with whatever question one has, large or small.  EduBlogs is a quality product/service for educators, which I will continue to recommend most highly, even over the service I’m forced to migrate towards. 

If you’re reading this and looking for a blogging platform for your own use, give EduBlogs a good hard look-around – you won’t be disappointed!